General Tips

Le Train Bleu

In past times, traveling by train was something extremely expensive and a real privilege associated with the richest segment of the population. As a…

Jardin du Palais Royal

Jardin du Palais Royal is a place that I really love in Paris. Nearby the Louvre, it still remains unknown by many people due…

Le George at Four Seasons George V

Le George restaurant opened in mid-October at the amazing Four Seasons George V with the proposal of offering a new dining experience at the Parisian setting….

Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen was voted one of the must-see hot spots of 2016 on a list that the global search engine Skyscanner recently released in the press….

Comme à Lisbonne

  Comme à Lisbonne is one of these wonderful findings of the Marais. The neighborhood is full of little places that don’t call so…